KOMPLEKS: fourth international seminar

Labour market integration for temporary protection beneficiaries: Navigating new approaches amidst persistent challenges, International seminar


On 7 December 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, ICMPD in collaboration with the Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM), and the Association for Legal Intervention (SIP), organised the fourth international seminar as part of the ICMPD-led project “Comprehensive Support for People in a Vulnerable Situation in the Polish Migration Management System (KOMPLEKS).”

The activation of the EU Temporary Protection Directive in March 2022 provided for access to Member State labour markets for millions of people displaced from Ukraine. The high level of labour market integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection can be attributed to factors such as labour shortages, increasing online remote work, high education levels of beneficiaries, prior experience of neighbouring countries hiring Ukrainians, and support from personal networks, the diaspora, as well as active private sector and civil society involvement.

The first part of the seminar was dedicated to discussing labour market integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection in selected Member States, the second part focused specifically on employment conditions, work quality, and integration perspectives in Poland. The seminar also aimed to examine current obstacles in labour market integration of this group. Discussions during the event also covered possible medium- and long-term strategies designed to enhance labour market integration, both as a part of mainstream policies and targeted programmes. Participants examined a range of challenges to accessing quality jobs, such as language barriers or caregiving responsibilities, that particularly affect women, that could lead to employment incompatible with their qualifications or affect the quality of the work.

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